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Bank of America Emails Released by Anonymous

Fox News, PC World, and Forbes all report that Anonymous, the hacker group, has released emails from Balboa Insurance. Bank of America acquired Balboa as part of its Countrywide acquisition. Anonymous claims the emails prove that Balboa purposefully altered documents so that the information did not match the bank’s loan information. Altering this information would have allowed the bank to increase foreclosures.

It is unclear if this is the information that Wikileaks claimed would be damaging to an American bank.

Democrats Call for Investigation into Firm/Tech Companies

The Washington Post reports that Democrats in the US Congress are calling for an investigation into the Hunton & Williams law firm and HBGary Federal, Berico Technologies and Palantir Technologies for their role in a possible “disinformation campaign” against WikiLeaks, for Bank of America, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Law Firm and Security Firms Responsible for WikiLeaks Response Plan

According to USA Today, Bank of America (BofA) denies that it ever saw the presentation prepared by three data intelligence firms. If BofA’s statement is correct, then that means that the three security firms and possibly the law firm Hunton & Williams were responsible for the preparation of the presentation.

The NYT reports that BofA and the US Chamber of Commerce (who also was revealed as a possible recipient of the security firms work) did not work directly with HBGary Federal, one of the security firms. Instead, HBGary Federal was offering to work with BofA and the Chamber’s law firm Hunton & Williams.

According to dBusinessNews, Hunton & Williams, for the fourth consecutive time, was [...]

WikiLeaks Banking Documents Dull?

Reuters is reporting that sources close to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange state that Assange has said privately that he is unsure if the banking documents contain any damaging information.

The Tech Herald and Security Magazine report on a presentation given to Bank of America by Palantir Technologies, Berico Technologies and HBGary regarding options to counter WikiLeaks possible disclosure of its data. The Business Insider posted the complete presentation that the data firms gave to Bank of America.

WikiLeaks in the News, January 31

An interview of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange by Steve Kroft from CBS’s 60 Minutes news magazine aired last night. The interview and an extended “Overtime” are available at the link above. Assange discussed himself, how WikiLeaks was similar to a press operation, and the possibility that WikiLeaks has Bank of America data.

MSNBC reports that WikiLeaks is continuing to release US Diplomatic cables relating to the Egyptian government. US diplomats raised a number of concerns with the Egyptians including treatment of dissidents, rioters, and bloggers.

CNET reports that a bill giving the President of the United States the authority over privately owned computer systems during a “national c [...]

WikiLeaks in the News, January 20

Bloomberg is reporting that WikiLeaks may have used music- and photo-sharing networks to obtain and publish classified documents. “WikiLeaks, which has said it doesn’t know who provides it with information, may seek out secret data itself, using so-called “peer-to-peer” networks” according to Tiversa Inc. Tiversa estimates that as much as half of the postings by WikiLeaks could originate from information siphoned from peer-to-peer users.

Bloomberg and Reuters both report that Rudolph Elmer, the banker who gave data to WikiLeaks, was arrested late Wednesday for possible violations of Swiss bank law.

‘Wikileaks’ Banker Found Guilty

The Washington Post, BBC, and Deutsche Welle, is reporting that Rudolph Elmer, the Swiss banker who gave WikiLeaks banking data, has been found guilty of violating Switzerland’s banking secrecy laws. He was sentenced to a fine of over 6,000 Swiss francs ($6,000).

WikiLeaks in the News, January 19

The Guardian reports that WikiLeaks has caused little real and lasting damage to American diplomacy, senior state department officials have concluded. There is similar coverage at

The NYT reports on the possible tax consequences for the individuals whose data was given to WikiLeaks by ex-Swiss banker Rudolph Elmer.

Bloomberg reports on the begining of ex-Julius Baer banker Rudolph Elmer’s trial for violations of Swiss secrecy laws.

SEC Curious about BofA’s Wikileaks Documents

Fox Business is reporting that the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is interested in any documents WikiLeaks releases relating to Bank of America. The SEC wants to know if there are documents in WikiLeaks possession that should have been turned over the SEC in previous disclosures.

WikiLeaks in the News, January 18

Reuters reports that WikiLeaks is unlikely to release the banking data, given to it yesterday by a Swiss ex-banker, soon. Sources with knowledge of the data told Reuters that the data is dense and it will take time to verify the information.

The Associated Press and Deutsche Welle report that the CEO of OHB-System AG was let go due to a WikiLeaks cable release that quoted him as denigrating Galileo, a European built navigation system.

CNN has an opinion piece on how WikiLeaks helped to bring about the Tunisia revolution. Also, CNN reports on the scene at yesterday’s press conference at which former Swiss banker Rudolf Elmer handed banking data over to WikiLeaks.