According to USA Today, Bank of America (BofA) denies that it ever saw the presentation prepared by three data intelligence firms. If BofA’s statement is correct, then that means that the three security firms and possibly the law firm Hunton & Williams were responsible for the preparation of the presentation.

The NYT reports that BofA and the US Chamber of Commerce (who also was revealed as a possible recipient of the security firms work) did not work directly with HBGary Federal, one of the security firms. Instead, HBGary Federal was offering to work with BofA and the Chamber’s law firm Hunton & Williams.

According to dBusinessNews, Hunton & Williams, for the fourth consecutive time, was named the top firm for privacy by Computerworld in its 2010 report on “Best Privacy Advisers.”

Lastly Forbes reports, the WikiLeaks presentation and the fifty seven thousand HBGary Federal and HBGary emails were all released by the hacker group Anonymous. Anonymous posted the second batch of emails at, which features a countdown to launch.