Bloomberg reports on an interview with Julian Assange by the French language paper Tribune deGeneve in which Assange states that it will be some time before WikiLeaks publishes the banking documents it has in its possession. Below is an excerpt from the article (Translation by Google Translate):

– You have announced new revelations about a U.S. bank. Is Bank of America?
– I do not confirm, but Bank of America feels visibly concerned. As evidence, last week, management has a crisis unit in place to verify all records. Other banks have engaged in operations audit of their activities for fear of being our next target. This means that, without having published anything at all, the impact is already positive, as things move! Still, we will not disclose these documents immediately, we have too much to do with diplomatic telegrams and our financial troubles.

Bloomberg reports on Julian Assange’s lawyer’s response to the news that the US Justice Department demanded that Twitter hand over data about users with ties to WikiLeaks. Bloomberg has a separate story profiling Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens. has a long article on the “Government-created climate of fear” that has emerged, amongst those connected to WikiLeaks, due to the US government’s response to the WikiLeaks releases.

The WSJ also reports on the US Justice Department requesting Twitter hand over data about WikiLeaks.


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